Daimlar Real Estate Series

Newly built income-producing real estate series, with focused on investment effects.
Which we used our knowledge, being in the industry for 15 years as a real setate consulting company.

New construction income property which is +0.5~+1.0% higher that the market rate.

selling rate:This is an example of a property with similar structure, station walk, total floor area, land area, etc.. When selling your DARES, you can anticipate how much yield you may be able to make in the future.

Three reson why DARES is this high rated.

  1. Continued search for more cost-effective construction companies.
  2. By using our conection, being in this industry for 15 years. to colect information of lands with potential profitability.
  3. Reduce our cost of ownership risk, by selling the building in plans insted of building sale.



 Normally the companies that handle new construction income property orders often limit their orders to construction companies that they know well, which makes it difficult for investors that can be done cheaply become expensive.

We continue to search for construction companies with excellent cost performance and negotiate prices from the investor’s point of view. We commission construction companies that not only have low construction costs, but also have a solid track record in terms of quality and performance.

We prepare construction plans by using construction companies which has high creditworthiness, including checks by financial institutions.


Founded in 2007 as a consulting firm specializing in real estate investment, we have long-standing connections within the income-producing real estate industry, and we use these connections to gather information on land deals.

We gather information from a variety of sources, including local real estate companies, major real estate companies, landowners, and investors. From this information, we use our knowledge and experience as an investment advisor to conduct planning simulations, and then introduce investors to projects that are expected to be highly profitable.


Built-for-sale is a method in which a real estate company owns the land/building and sells it after completion. While this method has the advantage for investors of “being able to see and purchase the actual property,” in oposite real estate companies add the “cost of unsold risk” to the sales price. Therefore, in some cases, it is not the best choice for investors who want to pursue yield and profitability

DARES pursues profitability for investors, and we assemble the building plans on the land and sell them. This method enables us to reduce the above costs, which in turn lowers the selling price